Kirtan is a musical prayer – a call and reponse connection with the Divine through sound. It is fast, easy, fun and authentic. We live in an age of mass distraction. Canned music in every shop, advertising on every available surface, endless streams of emails and texts to our smartphones, what to speak of TV, newspapers and magazines. Though we are supposed to feel more connected, for many, the opposite is true. Kirtan is an antidote that links us with an eternal, unchanging truth – a celebration of the relationship between the soul and the source.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word composed of ‘Mana’ – the mind, and ‘trayate – to transcend’. Therefore mantra refers to an ancient word or sound which helps the mind to reach a higher consciousness. These days it’s become popular to call anything which is repeated over and over, a ‘mantra’. But a real mantra is a powerful sound vibration – sometimes compared to a key that opens a specific lock. When accompanied by music it is known as kirtan. Accompanying the mantra with music is a way to help us with the difficult task of focusing the mind. As Mary Poppins says, ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!’ Kirtan is one of the most important practices on the path of bhakti yoga.


About Kirtan Jozi

We are a small team of kirtan lovers, setting out to make this musical form of meditation easy, accessible and fun for everyone.

Most of our team members found kirtan through the teachings of Shri Chaitanya, a medieval saint and avatar who started a revolution when he broke the practice of sacred song and dance out of the temples, where it was being carefully guarded as an exclusive practice of the priestly caste. His message called attention to a worldwide identity crisis – we discriminate on the basis of class, race and religion, but beneath the temporary covering of the body, we are all equal. The more deeply we realise this fact, the more we can see everyone as valuable and worthy of our love and compassion.

The Kirtan Jozi team are committed to creating opportunities for Joburgers to experience the power and relevance of this ancient spiritual practise, through regular and one off events and accessible resources.